:about Lexcore

The Lexcore System: a writing system based on the Lex — the soul — made to request from the senient Lex of the planet Zel-Varus the manipulation of the space around the user.

In the thousands of years since the creation of the Lexcore, Zel-Varus society has integrated it so completely into normal civilization.

The Lexcore System is not an unbreakable one, nor is it one that was created simply for the betterment of normal society...

:so what's the Lexcore, anyway?

The Lexcore System: a writing system based on the Lex — the soul — made to request from the senient Lex of the planet Zel-Varus the manipulation of the space around the user.

The Lexcore is a sort of...magic system, if you will, that uses different combinations, or Sentences, of symbols "Written" [in the air, on a surface, whatever] with a person's life force, or lex, to manipulate the environment. Sentences range from very simple, like shooting fire at people, to very complicated, like holding up an entire city over the ocean. Sentences must have the Subject symbol and a "verb" symbol, but can have different "adjective" symbols following [which are used to make much more complicated Sentences].

Generally, a person must be wearing special gloves in order to Write symbols without hurting himself/herseif/itself...which is why everyone in the comic so far has been wearing gloves.


Mimes are people with Space-manipulation Sentences Written on them. The Sentence allows them to bend space [which generally produces invisible objects, but the stronger ones can make things visible]. Prospective Mimes need to have strong imaginations as well as good physical ability in order to be able to handle the strains that the manipulation Sentence puts on the mind and body.

:about the comic

Lexcore started when I drew the first page during a physics lecture in October 2005. The general idea and plot for Lexcore [most of which aren't showing in the comic right now] came from a miserable attempt at putting together an entry for Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga contest, which starred Larc as a teenage cheese museum guard chasing after Muri Kathes, a Razel Mime that stole a very valuable cheese sculpture, which she ends up eating in a turkey sandwich halfway through the story, thus making Larc all freaked about his job and prompting him to bust out some spiffy Sentences. Unfortunately, the story was completely lame, so...several months afterwards, Lexcore was born.

And before that (before Larc was Larc and stuff), it was a story about a kid named Wyk (as in a candle wick...yeah, lame, I know) and Captain Muri Sun. Wyk didn't want to be a part of the military, but because he had the ability to see creatures that are normally invisible, he was forced to against his will. The beginning of the comic was Captain Sun wrangling him back after he tries to jump off the airship. The premise is that there are people who can see the creatures (I forget the term I gave it) and there are people like Captain Sun, who can manipulate the environment (like Mimes) and are called Controllers. The seeing-people and Controllers work together to bring down the creatures. I actually like the idea still and I think I'm going to give it another shot someday.

Anywho, at first, Lexcore was named MIME – flux! [that was its name when it was on Drunk Duck before they crashed way back when] and then it was Lexcore: deltaFluxCandela. For some reason, there was some obsession with flux going on there, probably because I was taking physics classes at the time. Also, Mimes were going to be the main focus. Not so much anymore.

:about muriraRK

I'm MuriraRK, and now more frequently known on the interwebs as Integration. I just graduated with a degree in computer science and engineering from UCI. I like eating, sleeping, and Kali (Filipino martial arts)...and incidentally, also drawing. I'm also a sucker for video games -- especially Nintendo ones. Someday, I hope to get a job in the game industry, but for now, I spend my days plotting world domination.


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