:main characters

Name: Larc Phest
Age: 16
Hair: Silvery White-ish
Eyes: Gray
Stuff: Larc is an otaku-esque, 16-year-old boy whose favorite Terran shows include [but are not limited to] Fishcake, a spiffy ninja story, and Donnie Specter, a show about a half-boy half-ghost. Although he's the same age as the rest of his squadmates, he's a year behind them in school because he transferred from a school in the nation of Hazel, which could be considered Razel's rival nation. He's a part of Squad 17, the squad given the privilege of starting upper division training a year early, though as to why they have such a privilege is beyond them since they're certainly not qualified for it. He's a bit of a hyperactive kid and is enthusiastic about everything, which usually rubs off on the people he's around.

Name: Hinhan Quelle
Age: 16
Hair: Light Green
Eyes: Yellow/Gold
Stuff: Hinhan is one of Larc's friends and also a member of Squad 17. She's got a pretty mellow personality and may be the most rational member of Squad 17. While doesn't get as obviously excited as Larc, inside she's bubbling like a little girl. She likes a lot of the same things that Larc does, but isn't quite as open about it as he is.

Name: Bezel Wikane
Age: 16
Hair: Black
Eyes: Orange
Stuff: Bezel, another of Larc's squadmates and now his roommate, is a tad sulky and can get annoyed quite easily. He, Hinhan, and Kuric were already friends, but since Larc transferred just this semester, he hasn't had much time to warm up to the kid and thinks he's a bit annoying. He can seem a bit surly, but he's a nice enough guy once you get to know him.

Name: Kuric Toretea
Age: 16
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Who knows? o_O Well, Hinhan and her other girl-type friends know. Why don't you ask them?
Stuff: A tad on the crazy side, Kuric is, at heart, a good person [or maybe she's just crazy...]. Only a very few number of boys have ever seen her eyes, since she's always wearing her goggles. Maybe a few more boys would be interested in seeing her eyes if she wasn't so...insane. She's into computers and technology and hopes to someday hack into the Razel Special Ops restricted network.

Name: Captain Muri Kathes
Hair: Silvery White-ish
Eyes: Green
Stuff:For unknown reasons *coughcough*, Larc was spying on Captain Kathes. She is Squad 17's squad leader. It's been a while since she's taken a squad assignment, but why she's the leader of that particular squad remains to be seen. She's got a mischievous streak and likes to mess with people, though some could mistake it for her being smug.

Name: Commander Oriell Nauriole
Age: 32
Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Yellow/Gold
Stuff: Commander Nauriole is the Commander of Razel Special Operations and, in essence, the principal/headmaster of the Razel Special Operations Academy. In a controversial promotion, he succeeded his grandfather as Commander. He is very calm and calculating, though his mischievous streak could rival Captain Kathes's. He seems to be good friends with her. Older officers in the military don't often get along with him, likely due to his young age.

:other characters

Name: Kelban Setzwell
Age: 17
Hair: Very light brown / dirty-ish blond
Eyes: Blue
Stuff: The youngest son of the prominent Setzwell military family, Kelban is a sullen and irritable person and pulls no punches when making his disdain known. What he has against Squad 17 is still a mystery. He is the only child that has joined Special Operations; all his siblings either joined the Navy or the Central Forces.

Name: Catalyst Nova Kassa
Age: 29
Stuff: Although he can come off as an audacious and conceited person, it's mostly just for show and he actually just likes to make people laugh with his ridiculous behavior. Regardless, people who don't have the right temperament tend to tire of his presence. He seems to be good friends with Captain Kathes. Also, according to his niece, he looks like Mr. Scarecrow from Fishcake.

Name: Admin Aria Yaruk
Age: 32

Name: Former Commander Triell Nauriole
Age: 81
Stuff: Triell is Oriell's grandfather. In a controversial decision, he and several officers appointed Oriell as the new Razel Special Ops Commander.