:other spiff comics

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Prince of Lace by twelveOtwelve
Prince of Lace by twelveOtwelve

Lady Unlucky
Lady Unlucky by Whirlwynd

Binary Souls / Other Dimensions
Binary Souls / Other Dimensions by bsodcomic

Intersection by MuriraRK
Intersection by me

System.out.println('RAWR!'); by Me
System.out.println("RAWR!"); by me

:other links

Psychobob screentones - This is where I get a lot the screen tones and zoom lines. There's some spiff brushes too. They're not, however, print-resolution tones.

Skybase on deviantART - Skybase has not only high-resolution tones and zoom lines, but also tons of beautiful stock images. Go there if you need shiny things.

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If you wanna link me, feel free to use this banner. It's the standard Smack Jeeves size, but when I remember to, I'll make smaller, Online Comics-sized ones. ^_^ Please don't directly link to my Photobucket account. That's not cool. ;_; Save it to your own place, please.