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25 May 2006 - 01:25 AM

I found my old comics from way back when [2003-ish...when I was a sophomore in high school]. The art was like...disgusting...to say the least, but I thought they were pretty funny. I realized that I've been taking myself waaaaaay too seriously lately and I've lost the cute-ish [almost] humor that I used to have in my comics. Puh, been worried too much about trying to get people to like my work that I forgot that I like to have a story that comes from the deep bowels of the thing people call a soul [do I have one? o_O] without worrying if other people like it or not.

In short, I'm gonna try and not take myself so seriously anymore.


T_T It helped before, though, 'cuz my friends were pretty spontaneous, so the spontaneity rubbed off on me and I did some pretty witty stuff. But now all my friends are at different colleges and we hardly have time to talk...and I think all the technical math-type stuff is slowly draining the witty parody-type humor out of my head. >_> I'm not insightful enough to major in something like English, so...yeah, I headed over to engineering. X_X

So...yeah. I'm done ranting and wasting time when I should be studying for a math midterm. Curse you, infinte series and sequences!

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