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19 July 2006 - 01:28 AM

NEW LAYOUT [mooched from augest]! AND AX2006 PICTURES! Whee!
HIYA, PEOPLE! I JUST MOOCHED THE LAYOUT STYLE FROM AUGEST, SO MAKE SURE YOU ALL <3 HER 'CUZ SHE'S T3H PWNAGE! ^_^ Anywho, it's really late and I don't wanna be messing with code this late at night, so I'll fix that random space between the images...which is really annoying...and I don't understand why it's there...so...yeah. Heehee.

So yeah, <3 augest! Go visit her comic! I'll even give you a link. Bwahahahaha.


Ahaha. Anywho, I've drawn out another 15-ish pages of Lexcore, and about 7 of those pages are already inked! Yaaaay! Since summer started, I went all crazy-like and did a lot of comic-drawing. Anywho, I'm hoping to finish drawing the chapter within a few weeks! Yaaay!

Aaaaand now...AX2006 pictures! Yaaaaay! I didn't get camera-crazy till the third day, so sorry 'bout that. ^_^

That's my friend. She's Kasumi from Ibarra [sp?].

Another friend and her sister! They didn't wanna be picture-ified, but the one on the left is supposed to be Advent Children Tifa and the one on the right is Ten Ten from Naruto.


Yay for Anbu! They were cool. Haha.

Whee! AC Cloud and Lulu! ^_^

d00d, it doesn't get any cooler than Nabeshin from Excel Saga. He's even got Menchi in his shirt pocket.

All right! Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia! ^_^

I thought it was funny how much my friend liked his yaoi paddle. Hahaha.

The little fellas from Katamari Damacy! Haha, they had to take breaks every 10-ish minutes cuz their costumes were so hot inside. ^__~

My friend [who had the yaoi paddle] and me! Guess which person I am in the picture! XD

Us again! My friend is Genis Sage and I'm Sheena Fujibayashi [from Tales of Symphonia]. ^_^

I'm in love with my new Copic Ciao markers...even though I'm lacking so many colors that I can hardly color anything worthwhile...

Yay, Seifer and Edea! [Uh...I think...I haven't played FFVIII yet and a friend took this picture...]


Wheeeee, Kiba and Akamaru!

[AC?] Cid! Spiffy!

I dunno who she was, but she looked really cool...

Little Panda Z figures I got. They're so cute!

Me again! I look retarded. Hahaha...I look really bad in these pictures...

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29 August 2006 - 06:08 AM

Yay to ax2006! >,< I wanna too! x___x I was in the animecon (finnish anime/manga festival) but I thinka that where you was, was little bit larger than which was in paasitorni. -___-''' Where was that ax2006?! o.o!

30 August 2006 - 02:35 AM

Cool pix! Where did this take place?

30 August 2006 - 02:27 PM

Rinku and Admin Dan guy too ^_^: Yaaaay for anime conventions! Heehee. Anime Expo is big, but they shove the Artist's Alley in an itty bitty space. T_T Last year's they squeezed all the artists in some kinda hallway that was reaaaally claustrophobic...it was annoying, especially when there was an entire exhibit hall that was completely empty that they could've used. o_O

AX is southern California. This year's was in Anaheim [Orange County], but next year's is going to be in Long Beach. ^_^

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