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08 November 2006 - 08:51 PM

Okay, so I figured I need a proper prologue to Lexcore. Since I started the story during a physics lecture -- incidentally, a very BAD place and time to start drawing the first chapter of your comic -- I didn't think about how the chapter was going to go or how it was going to properly introduce the story. Haha, so, to fix that, as soon as I finish inking and toning the first chapter, I'm going to do a short prologue [it should only take six or seven pages]. Hurray!

I need to make a new layout too...the current layout will probably spazz when I try to post a two page spread [which I really wanna do], and I'm sick of tables. Maybe I'll just use one of Enkida's and fiddle with it a bit. I dunno. Ahahaha.

Anywho, sorry I haven't been updating. School's been sucking my life away. My research writing class is getting to be a real pain. T_T On the up side, I'm learning Japanese! Hurrah! I know about...10 kanji. Hahahaha. Only 1,490 to go! w00t w00t!


Hahaha, I like the day when we started learning about those who/what/where/thing words. The teacher was going over "dare," which you use for asking about "who," and apparently someone was like:

わたしはだれですか。 (Who am I?)

XD It was pretty funny. Meeeheeheehee.

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