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17 December 2006 - 11:21 PM

So! Finals are over, I got a 3.45 GPA [ ::weeps:: ], and it's almost time for Christmas, which means partay with the cousins! Hurray!

And the first chapter of Lexcore is now completely inked! I PLOWED through that thing! CHYEAH! ^__^ ::dances:: Now that it's inked, I can start drawing the prologue, which will be bloody and...bloody! Yay! XD I'm working on as much of this as I can during my winter break, before I go job-hunting and school starts again.

Alas, I've been battling that monster that is the inferiority complex because I keep comparing myself to professional manga. Just today I peeped at Bleach volume 4 and I could feel my insides combusting and the ashes congealing into a mush in the pit of my abdominal cavity. That was partly because Uryu was on the cover and he's t3h smexy with his sewing kit and mystical bow thingamabobber, and partly because I've been excessively jealous of people/studios that I shouldn't be jealous of and work too hard at getting there in this general period of time. This includes:

  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • Square Enix
  • Nintendo
  • People that were able to get a Wii
  • Trinity Blood
  • My friend who was subconsciously trying to rub in my face that he's got both Uzumaki Chronicles AND Tales of the Abyss after my intestines have knotted themselves at the prospect of getting those games
  • The peeps on Smack Jeeves who have soooo many fans and their art is PWNage...[haha, more admirations than jealousy]

But there's happy stuff!

  • Almost time to see the family for Christmas
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
  • The cousins in the Philippines got 70 lbs worth of American chocolate when my grandparents went home
  • My church's teen choir went caroling at old-people homes [BUT I MISSED IT CUZ I COMPLETELY FORGOT AND THE COORDINATOR LADY NEVER CALLED ME... ::cries::]

Anywho, yeah. I think this week I'm gonna bake more cookies with my friend. Maybe I'll buy stuff for cheesecake. Or pie. Yum. I'm going to get fat! How am I going to jump for the UCI track team now? T__T

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