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12 December 2007 - 01:20 PM

It's almost winter break!
Yay yay!

Since I'm trying to find excuses not to study for my finals, I'm making a news post! Whoo!

So how do you guys like the new layout so far? Sometimes I feel like it needs to look more busy, but I like things looking...vague. I dunno. I think I might change the News page so that it's in two columns [news post on the right, other crap on the left]. That way...people HAVE to look at my news post! PUWAHAHAHA. ::hemhem::

Ohh! My friend was very gracious and gave me space on his webserver, so I'm going to have my own site to post comics on! Yaaay! Not that SJ is bad. I love SJ. But yeah, it'll be

gRAVITy comics.

There's nothing there right now because I haven't had time to build the site yet. But I will! And maybe have a forum. And stuff.

So, some things you have to look forward to in December:

  • A break from school [if you're in school right now]
  • Wintery goodness [even though it's freezing...unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere, I guess]
  • Holiday specials on tv
  • Christmas music
  • Rain [or snow if you live in like...New York or Michigan or something XD]. Huu...I love snoooow.

Oh, and stuff I might be doing:
  • Some non-anime-ish art
  • the gRAVITy site [with PHP! OHMAN]
  • Lexcore and Intersection update madness

Why the non-anime-ish art? Cuz I want to go to an art school for a masters degree, but since I'm a computer science/engineering/whatever major, I don't have a very good portfolio [D: all comics and anime-ish art...and you know how arts teachers are about that kinda thing]. So...guess I'd better start now. Maybe I'll try to do some 3D modeling with Maya and see how that goes. And the winter break isn't nearly long enough to properly refurbish [XD] the Chapter One pages without putting Chapter Two on hold, so...I won't be doing that just yet.

So tell me...what are YOU guys gonna do during December?

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14 December 2007 - 04:31 PM

I always feel so sad for people's NEWS posts...they're often completely ignored. *_* Well, I read yours and...

What I'm doing for Christmas is getting stressed out...as per usual. No, seriously now, I haven't started my Christmas shopping and I've got, what, 2 weekends left? 1 weekend, if I don't want to brave the insanity that will be the malls on the 22nd and 23rd.

Plusss....I'm working Christmas Eve. *sigh* Then, after work, it's hurry rush rush to line up for the ferry that takes us over to Victoria on Vancouver Island. We're spending Christmas with my brother and family in his NEW house!! Yay! They've got a big back yard with fruit trees even! Score!

Umm, I forgot...did you ever tell me that you received my post card from Japan?

Your comic, as ever, is pure love. ^_____^

16 December 2007 - 01:11 PM

Yay, kurasune read me news post! <3 <3

Oh noooo, stress! Christmas shopping [which I haven't done either]! ::panic:: Good luuuck!

Boo, it sucks that you have to work on Christmas Eve. @_@ What time do you get to leave? FRUIT TREES! <3 Fruitfruit!

Yeeah, I got your postcard! Thanks so much! ^__^ I shall try to remember to send you something. XD


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