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17 November 2009 - 06:53 PM

New things coming.
New things are coming!

1. Making B.A.I.T. Studios actually functional! The database is mostly working for adding comics. Just gotta make the editor script and the viewers. Also gotta recreate that layout. Which can't happen until...

2. New Lexcore art! I'm working on some, and I'm planning on using it for both the B.A.I.T. Studios layout and a new SJ layout. Hopefully it looks less noob-y than the last Lexcore illustration [not the Halloween one].

3. That blasted video! This one should come pretty soon, cuz I just got my new laptop and it conveniently has video editing software that can SPEED UP VIDEO YAY. Just gotta clear out enough from the old laptop to get the transfer going. ::sob::

And that's that. : D

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